19″ Artificial white Roses for room decor by CNFlowery

White roses represent purity and look great in your home room.

Iten No.CNF-D333
Lengths19 Inch
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Cnflowery Washable: Cold water
Occasion:Wedding bouquet , Office decor , Table decor , Anniversary bouquet , Livingroom decor , Hotel decor

This bouquet of yellow artificial chrysanthemums has been restored to its original appearance to the greatest extent, no matter the petals, filaments or flower discs are lifelike, we even found a bee staying on it on the display sample.

As a professional silk flower manufacturer and supplier, we strive for excellence in the production process of artificial flowers.As a common artificial flower variety, this bouquet of yellow artificial chrysanthemums is loved by many purchasing partners, because they find that in places where Chinese people gather, they will have the urge to buy, because in traditional Chinese culture, chrysanthemums represent longevity.

Customized Services

If you like this product but have more ideas,including color, shape, number of heads, combination and other ways,we can provide customization and send you samples for confirmation.

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