20″ Artificial white lilies for room decor by CNFlowery


White faux lilies can also look premium and are suitable for many place settings.

Iten No.CNF-J110
Lengths20 Inch

Cnflowery Washable: Cold water
Occasion:Wedding bouquet , Office decor , Table decor , Anniversary bouquet , Livingroom decor , Hotel decor , Mother’s Day bouquet , Funeral bouquet

A bouquet of pure white artificial lilies looks pure and sacred, and the soft white petals clustered together make love airtight and warm, and it will definitely be the highlight of the wedding.

As a professional silk flower manufacturer and supplier, we strive for excellence in the production process of artificial flowers. As a kind of popular variety, lilies often appear in various occasions. This style is very popular with customers and repeated purchases, I believe it will also be of great help to their local business.

Customized Services

If you like this product but have more ideas,including color, shape, number of heads, combination and other ways,we can provide customization and send you samples for confirmation.

You can feel free to contact us.



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