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cnflowery story


Since the day I born,
till the day I gone,
the trip is so long,
It should not be dull.
It should be colourful

When I am young,
I will paint it green,
The color of forest,
Always full of vitality and vigor,
no ending for living.

When I am in love,
I will paint it red,
The color of fire,
Always full of passion and enthusiasm,
no ending for loving.
When I am married,
I will paint it white,
The color of cloud,
Purity and elegance are the main theme,
sanctity will be remembered forever.

When I feel irritated,
I will paint it blue,
The color of ocean,
calms and comforts me,
Free me from troubles to success.

When you feel a little gray,
I will paint it yellow,
Color of the sun,
Like I planted one in my room,
The sun will go down but not mine.

When my life comes to an end,
Before I close my eyes forever.
Flash back on my colorful life.
My flesh may dissipate.
But the color will be immortal.


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We gifts different flowers different meanings, and each flower has different possibilities in the CNFlowery. Colors, combination, occasion, you can always find the best choice at CNFlowery.
It’s always a pleasure to see you like them and honored for make your life better.
That is what CNFlowery do.

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