Compose a poem for artificial flowers

rainbow kid m 1

Amidst a world of hues, behold the artificial flower’s grace,
Colors blooming, emotions woven, each shade finds its rightful place.
Vibrant red ignites passion’s flame, a symbol of desire and love,
While serene blue whispers tranquility, like skies floating above.

Golden petals shimmer with joy, spreading warmth in every ray,
As purple reigns with regal charm, evoking dreams in a poetic display.
White blossoms dance with purity, an emblem of innocence and grace,
While green whispers of nature’s embrace, in its verdant, tranquil space.

From delicate pinks to sunny yellows, emotions take their flight,
Each petal unfurls a story, painting moments with colors bright.
A symphony of hues, a kaleidoscope of feelings untold,
Artificial flowers, a canvas where emotions unfold.

Let the language of flowers speak, a silent poetry to inspire,
Artificial flowers, a tapestry of beauty and artistry untamed,
Captivating hearts with colors, emotions forever named.